Get Farm Fresh

Photo of people at a farmers' market.

Shopping at a farmers’ market is a great way to find fresh fruits and vegetables for the week. Fruits and vegetables at farmers’ markets are seasonal and locally grown, which often means they cost less than at a grocery store.

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Get the most out of your farmers’ market trip with these tips:

  • Bring your own bags. Bring durable, reusable bags to carry all of your yummy, fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also bring storage containers for things like blackberries and cherry tomatoes so they don’t get squished or bruised.
  • Don’t let the crowds scare you away. Farmers’ markets are popular places. Take your time and don’t feel rushed. Try to enjoy looking at all of the fresh produce and talking to the farmers.
  • Arrive early. For the best selection, get there early. Stop at each vendor’s stand before making a purchase so you know you’re getting a great deal. If you don’t see something that you especially like, ask the growers where to find it.
  • Try the samples, especially if they are something new. If you don’t know what something is, ask the growers how it tastes and how they like to prepare it. You may just find a new favorite food!